• Hi Chelsea,

    Thanks for your response, it has been super helpful! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and the migraines started early on in my pregnancy. I knew there were drugs I could take, but many are not safe for pregnant women, so I’ve been trying to find other methods for reducing them. You helped me identify possible triggers, like citrus…[Read more]

  • Sarah G replied to the topic Cholesterol in the forum Ask a Nutritionist 8 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Melissa,

    There are quite a bit of research and related dietary recommendations for lowering cholesterol. One of the most well known is TLC, or therapeutic lifestyle changes. TLC diet recommendations include limiting or avoid trans fats, saturated fat <7% of total calories, dietary cholesterol <200 mg/day, consuming 10 – 25 g soluble fiber/day,…[Read more]

  • I have never really had migraines before, but lately I have had migraines daily. Everyone seems to think that drinking water is the cure for migraines, but even that hasn’t been helping. Are there any nutritional approaches I can take to preventing or treating migraines?