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    The fermentation process of sourdough bread using various strains of lactobacillus bacteria hydrolyzes prolamins that cause celiac inflammation. This brings gluten concentration in sourdough bread down to as little as 10 ppm and lower, which many clinical celiacs have been shown to tolerate (Gobbetti et al, 2007; Rizzello et al, 2014). In addition…[Read more]

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    Thank you Annalisa for responding to my question regarding dietary fat and heart health. A lot of research I’ve been doing myself also states that saturated fats increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It states that a diet such as the Mediterranean diet–which is high in plant oils (such as olive oil) reduces the risk of coronary heart…[Read more]

  • Comparing the variety of oils out there (canola, olive, coconut, vegetable, etc.) Which are considered “healthy” and “better” for you and why?

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