Coffee Antioxidants may Improve Function of Blood Vessels

Coffee Antioxidants may Improve Function of Blood Vessels

Vascular lining (endothelial cells) is responsible for healthy blood flow to and from the heart and to every cell in the body. Healthy endothelial cells help prevent clotting of the veins and therefore Heart Attack and Ischemia. So, how is coffee related to prevention of heart attack, you probably wonder by now?

A recent Study released by Nutrition Research suggests that single ingestion of antioxidants (polyphenols) that are in coffee help improve endothelial function after loading pure glucose in healthy non diabetic male subjects. The randomized controlled single placebo trial measured Reactive Hyperemia Index of glucose and glucose + coffee polyphenols on 15 healthy 20-60 years old Japanese males. The RHI measurement was found to be significantly higher in subjects with Glucose (75g) +coffee polyphenols compare to Glucose (75g) alone.  Scientists suggest a single ingestion of coffee polyphenols after glucose loading may improve peripheral endothelial function.

Coffee polyphenols were an extraction of Chlorogenic acid family antioxidants. Luckily, for those who don’t drink coffee, Chlorogenic acid can be found also in other foods, such as plums, prunes, blueberries, and cherries. It could be a good idea to have a cup of coffee after a sweet desert, or maybe to have some plums or cherries after a sugary desert to improve your peripheral endothelial functions for healthier heart function.

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