What is in your chicken nuggets?

What is in your chicken nuggets?

What is in you chicken nuggets? Don’t rush to answer, chicken. A recent study suggests that a favorite American fast food’s chicken nuggets contain less than 50 percent chicken. The University of Mississippi examined chicken nuggets from two national fast food chain restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

Richard DeShazo and his colleges found that the nuggets contain only 40 percent skeletal muscle (white meat of chicken), also there was “generous amount of fat” 57%, 25% of carbohydrates and 18% protein in the food that you would expect to have at least 60 percent protein.

What else is in those chicken nuggets? Not only do these chicken nuggets contain most of their weight as fat, they also were found to have blood vessels, nerves, skin, internal organs, cartilage and pieces of the bone.

Evidently, some companies found a new way to save some money on production of these foods by buying a mixture of chicken parts and making a patty from it. What they really could be called is chicken byproducts, that you would normally feed your pets with from dry pet foods. The researches chose not to disclose what restaurants from which they bought the chicken nuggets.

While chicken nuggets are tasty and juicy they are very low in nutritional value as most other processed and fast foods. Many children love chicken nuggets and beg for it. The best way to escape eating high fat chicken by-products and still making your kids happy is to surprise your family with home-made chicken nuggets, which will be as delicious and very nutritious.

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