Nutrisplash Protein Smoothie

Nutrisplash Protein Smoothie

This is the easiest to make smoothie recipe and one of the healthiest meals you could make in the shortest period of time! This recipe can be changed a bit depending on what you have in the refrigerator. I keep some frozen blueberries and raspberries on hand for smoothies. I love to use low fat milk and low fat yogurt because it’s lower in Calories, while still adding creaminess and healthy properties to this drink. Yogurt and berries are super foods for your gut, since they contain probiotics and prebiotics. Blueberries are also a super food by itself; they are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and great for your your brain, memory and your body. To learn more click here. I also use a whole banana but ½ would be enough and you could freeze the other half for the next smoothie.

Here is what I put, but adapt for your tastes:
¼ cup milk 1%
2 tbsp yogurt low fat (couple tablespoons)
½ cup fresh spinach
¼- ½ cup of berries (blueberries and raspberries) (I do not recommend to use blackberries, because of the seeds in them)
1 scoop of whey protein (or soy protein)
½ -1 medium banana
¼ cup or less whole flex seeds milled prior to adding it to smoothie

First, I start with milling flax seed in my processor(Nutri Bullet – if you have a nutribullet – use the milling blade for flax seeds), then I mix it with the protein, add a couple tablespoons of yogurt, some milk, berries and banana (if banana was previously frozen, slice it first to make the job easier for the processor). Last, add some spinach and turn on the processor(with the blending blade). If you have another processor(not cup style), order the ingredients inverted, meaning start from spinach and layer all the foods up until the last(protein) and blend. (It just helps to crush and blend the spinach leaves really well into smooth consistency.)
If you don’t have or don’t like berries, you can always use peaches, melons and other fruits you have, a sliced handful of those should do it.

Nutritional value depends on what you choose to put into your smoothie. Just know smoothies are not diet or low calorie drinks(unless used as a meal replacement), and if you exercise it is a great post- workout drink that replenishes your potassium and proteins. If you are not exercising, make sure you cut down of your evening desert, since the smoothie has similar amount of calories in it.
Nutritional value for the recipe: Calories- 375 Cal, Protein -25-30g, Carbs-60g, Dietary fiber -16g, Calcium -371mg, Potassium -1267, Sodium -175mg, Copper-622ug, Iron-3mg, Magnesium -225mg, Phosphorus -495 mg, Selenium -17ug, Zinc-3mg, vitamin A-120ug RAE, vitamin B6-0.8mg, Vitamin B12-0.8ug, vitamin C-27 mg, vitamin D and E in small quantities, vitamin K -84ug, Folate 104ug DFE, Choline -86mg

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