Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is packed with natural antioxidants, essential minerals, and protective plant nutrients called flavanols. Dark chocolate has been found to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate contains saturated fat. Saturated fats have been shown to increase cholesterol levels and heart disease risk. But dark chocolate has a unique form of saturated fat called stearic acid, which does not negatively affect blood cholesterol. Dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa) is high in Iron (6mg/1.7 ounce), Magnesium (96 mg/1.7 ounce), Copper (405µg/1.7 ounce), and Manganese (0.9 mg/1.7 ounce). Dark chocolate benefits are associated only with moderate consumption (1-2 ounces) per week. It is high in fat and calories, so excess eating causes weight gain, which increases risk of several serious diseases.

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  1. Taylor H says:

    I only eat dark chocolate anymore (except for the oh-so-occasional ice cream or something like that) and I’ve found it greatly helps to refine one’s palate so that one is more likely to seek after healthier foods from other countries where they haven’t been conditioned to eat overly-processed foods like us in the U.S. Great post!

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