Peanut Butter May Guard Against Breast Cancer

Peanut Butter May Guard Against Breast Cancer

A recent study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found that women who eat peanut butter or peanuts at a young age may decrease their chances for breast cancer.    Dr. Graham Colditz and his colleagues found that girls ages 9-15 who ate nuts and peanut butter twice a week were 39 % less likely to develop benign breast disease.  Benign breast disease includes lumps or tender spots that turn out being fibrous tissue or cysts, this can lead to breast cancer.

This study followed women who answered food frequency questionaries in The Growing Up Today Study done in 1996 and 2001.  This study included data from over 9,000 American girls and reports from 2005 and 2010 that indicated if the girls had been diagnosed with benign breast disease. Even girls with a family history of breast cancer had a decreased chance of breast cancer.

Peanuts contain potassium, fiber, and protein along with several vitamins including calcium, B6, magnesium, and iron. Peanuts can be a great snack in place of high sugar snacks found at school.

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  1. RN007 says:

    Good to know. I now buy 100% natural peanut butter so I’m glad to know that it does good things for us.

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